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About Founder Mentors


Madhu has been into Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastushastra since her childhood and entered into the Mystic world of Tarot 6 years back, since then she never needed any 2
other method that she used earlier. Tarot has completely changed her world. She created the Tarot India Network Delhi Meetup Group in 2005 and organized many workshops for beginners in Tarot. She started her own Network with the name of “SHEZAIM DELHI TAROT NETWORK” with an aim to network all tarot seekers, enthusiasts and experts in Delhi and spread knowledge and awareness about Tarot. Every month she has one general discussion meeting and many other interesting events. Her Network has an extensive Library only for its members which helps them to know more deeply about Tarot without spending much as good Tarot books are not available in India.

Madhu has also written scripts for many Numerology and Vaastu based programs on different satellite channels. Madhu entered into Tarot Mentoring almost 6 years ago and has done more then 30,000 Tarot Readings and also taught many Tarot Students. She also volunteers her readings at TFL and other e-groups.

Apart from Tarot, she is also an Energy Healer, she is a practicing Spiritual Healer & Pranic Psychotherapist, and also provides Reiki Healings. Her combined therapy of Tarot and Energy healing is a wonderful treatment for depression, fears & phobias, disturbed sleeps, nightmares and confusions in life, skin diseases, sinus problems, allergies etc.

She is an expert in Past Life Regression readings and dream interpretation through Tarot & Hypnotherapy. She is also well versed with other scrying methods like dowsing , crystal gazing etc.

Her Motto is to make Tarot accessible to every person who wants to know, learn or practice. To promote the study of Tarot is another goal for her which is she trying to fulfill through her MShezaim Institute of Tarot & Divination by providing versatile courses in Tarot at an affordable cost.

Madhu is also associated with Tarot India Network in Mumbai.

Visit their Website: www.tarotindia.com 
To contact them email at info@tarotindia.com 
MShezaim 's presence in Paris: www.tarotvidya.com

She can be contacted at: 9873283331 or email: madhu@indiatarot.com

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