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Green Magick

Green Magick can also be described as magick used for Earth magick, faerie magick, money, luck, fertility, faerie contact and guide contact. When working with Green Magick you usually work with the Earth Element, which represented by the North Direction and also the Heart Chakra is represented by the color Green-all is true, but there is more.
The main concept of Occult Sciences in general is when someone uses the natural energy within the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And the energy from the elements is incorporated with your own personal energy to create positive change.

In Green Magick the "Witch" becomes the bridge between the magickal realm and the mundane world. What does this mean, you ask? It means that the Witch acts as a link between the energies of the magickal world and humanity bringing hope, healing and love to each world.
One of the most wonderful things about walking a Green Path or working with Green Magick is everyone you speak to that works with the same path works with it differently. With that being said, this lens is about the way I have walked this path for many, many years. Green Magick is an ancient practice. It is a magick based on the natural system of the world, plants, herbs, trees and doing this regardless of your environment. It is a connection that I am not sure you can be taught or perhaps you have carried it over from previous lives. I believe by listening to our own hearts, we can connect with the plant world and natural world energies on a deep level..

When I started growing my own herbs; I actually went bonkers with the whole idea. I wanted to grow every herb I could think of and purchased many plants. In this whole process I also had many plants die on me. One day I sat down between the rows and was very sad but asked why this was happening. I closed my eyes and opened my higher self to hearing the voice of the plant kingdom. Finally I received my answer and listed to the advice I was given.

When you want to work with the Green Path, it takes a lot of patience. The plant world wants to teach you but you have to be able to tune in and listen to their teachings. So a bit of advice: Start slow if you are a beginner. Start growing a few plants at a time and learn what their uses are. Decide what you want to use the herb and study the properties it has and work with the energy from that plant.

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