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Advance Spell Casting

Spell casting properly is the single most important component in achieving success with your magic spells and rituals. You can never go overboard on an investment of time and energy into the prepartion and execution of your spell. Casting spells "on the fly" almost always leads to failure. Be wise, take the time and care necessary to make your spells successful. Spell casting is known as the most effective means when someone is cursed, or has extreme obstacles in life and cant get a break. These serious situations may have so much energy in a negative circle that you may never break through it because of how powerful the negative force has become. In order to get through such extreme vicious circles in the wrong direction, using spell casting is one of the most effective ways.

The Basic Laws of Spell Casting
Firstly the spell caster must have a strong Will, which is totally in line with the divine will and the spell casters own desire for the outcome. A connection to the Source, All That Is, must be felt, and then the magick can become very powerful.

Secondly, there must be a clear intention to direct that will. The problem here is that many people simply do not know what they want, not really. They send out vague intentions to the Universal Consciousness and of course get vague results back! So we have to be completely focussed in our spell casting, and be very clear in the end result that we want. The stages along the way to that result are not important - it is always the result that matters. In fact it is better to be totally open about the "how" - let the Universe sort that out for you - and just concentrate solely on the outcome that you want. For example, you may write to me to ask for money. Well, ok, nothing wrong with that. But that is not the means to the end. WHY do you want the money? Do you just want money to sit in the bank [a bad idea since that is not keeping the energy flowing, it will stagnate and soon dry up] or do you want it for some specific purpose? State the specific purpose and that is what we focus on in the spell casting.

Incidentally you never do spells that will harm anyone else, even if that person has tried to hurt me. What you would do in that situation is simply to hold up what I term a "psychic mirror" which just means that the persons actions, words or deeds just bounce off me harmlessly - straight back to the sender! In other words, they harm themselves by trying to hurt me, and will find that what they have sent out to me, simply results in great negativity and bad luck for them instead. And, most importantly, You dont even have to know the name of the person who is wishing me ill for this "return to sender" type of spell casting to work. There is nothing wrong in this and is a form of psychic protection. It is not black magic to protect yourself. All true witches practice this form of protection very successfully, without accruing any bad karma.

Thirdly, you need a method by which to direct this energy you are raising in your spell casting. A witchs Will and Intention are the energy, but we need a method by which to send them out into the Universe so that they can manifest. Little point in me keeping your wishes inside of myself! They wont manifest there. So we use ritual to align this intention, emotions, will. We raise and release the energy to manifest the magick and the outcome for you. Through these spells and rituals, we talk to the Divine Energy on your behalf on the level that this Energy understands. Thought and feeling and emotion. Many times you will use thoughtforms and send these out on your behalf, again linked directly to the Divine Energy, that Universal Consciousness. These thoughtforms go out into the Universe with specific instructions, gathering momentum to return your desires into reality.
So, to sum up, that is the basis of how spells work. They are more than just positive thought, far far more than that. You align yourself exactly with the force of the Universal Consciousness itself. Most people just dont know how to do this - they send out signals, their hopes and wishes on a standard brainwave frequency, complete with the doubt that "oh well, this probably wont work" - and are then very disheartened when indeed it doesnt work! The spell caster has to get on the same frequency as the Universal Consciousness, her brain wavelength through meditation will correspond exactly to and be in harmony with, that Consciousness. This is called the Alpha State. But once a spell caster or a Witch has learnt how to do this, perfecting her art throughout many years of meditation and practice, oh the results that can be obtained! It is a most wonderful feeling! You know with certainty that you are a part of everything around you [quantum physics] and that you are so very powerful. Intuition is heightened, an over-view of life is seen, and the world becomes quite literally a magical place.

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