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Welcome to Wicca India : School of Magick & Occult Sciences
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Wicca 101 - The Beginner

Once a student is accepted by the mentor, the first step towards mastering Wicca is to understand all about the practice. This course covers basic of information about Wicca and modern Witchcraft. Some of the most common questions posed to Wiccans and Witches, will be answered during these sessions.

Syllabus -

  • Basics of Wicca: Understanding the truth behind myths and misconceptions
  • History of Wicca: Mythological as wells as the real story behind Wicca and modern witchcraft
  • Wiccan Rede: The guiding"Rule"followed by Wiccans and other Witches.
  • Elements: What the Elements are and the role they play in Wicca and Witchcraft traditions.
  • Pentacles: The prominent symbol used in Wicca and Witchcraft, its meaning and uses.
  • Sabbats: Holidays and celebrations of Wiccans and other Witches.
  • Various tools and their uses and correspondences in ritual and magick.
  • Terms and Definitions: Various terms used in Wicca and other Pagan paths.

Please contact Dr. Madhu Kotiya for course details and other enquires [email protected]  / +91 99 1008 3331

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