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Welcome to Wicca India : School of Magick & Occult Sciences
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Basic Spell Casting

Spell casting is the single most important component in achieving success with your magick spells and rituals. You can never go overboard on an investment of time and energy into the preparation and execution of your spell. Casting spells "on the fly" almost always leads to failure.

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Course Duration : 20 hrs

Available thru Zoom/Video Calling and In person Classes



What is Magick

Difference between Magic & Magick

Similarities/Difference between Magick and Spirituality

What is Candle Magick

How to use Candles for Magick.

Color & Zodiac Significance of Candle

Different types and shapes of


Anointing Candles

Preparing and Charging Candle for


Essential Oils Uses and Importance

-  Uses of different oils as per spell.

-  Charging Oils

-  How to energize and use them

Other tools of magick

Knot magick


Jar magick

Power of Sigil

Sigil Creation

Different paths of magick , understanding

Visualization Techniques.

Protection Techniques.

How to Cast & uncast a Circle

How to Make Altar

Invocations of Elements

Introduction and Invocation to gods & goddesses

How to Create your own Spell

-  Love Spells

-  Money Spells

-  Health and healing Spells

-  Unbinding & Protection Spells

Precautions to be taken while casting a spell

Rules of Magick

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