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Welcome to Wicca India : School of Magick & Occult Sciences
A subsidiary of Shezaim Tarot Network

Advance Spell Casting

Fine tune your spell-casting skills and delve deeper into white magick, with the guidance of an experienced mentor. Master the complex spells and the learn to expand your knowledge through practice.

Admission is strictly on the basis of your knowledge and Aura and the sole decision will be made by the High Priestess

Duration : 5 days



Advance Customised Altars

Spells without supplies

Quick Magick

Astral Magick

Complex Ritual

Complex Spells

Adding Sigils & Runes

Customising your own Magickal Oil

Introduction to Ceremonial Magick

Ceremonial Magick spells

Hoodoo Spells

Image Magick

Undoing of Magick

Precautions & Rules of Magick

Please contact us for course details and other enquires at [email protected] / +91 99 1008 3331  +91 9873283331

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