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Rainbow Reiki is a proven system of complex energy work. The basis of Rainbow Reiki, a successful combination of old and new methods, is the Usui System of Reiki. Rainbow Reiki expands the Usui Reiki system through highly developed techniques of energy work and provides possibilities of working directly with subtle beings as teachers. Therefore, this book offers a wealth of possibilities to achieve completely new and different things with Reiki than taught in the traditional system.

This system of Reiki healing offers possibilities of functioning directly with subtle beings, as teachers. Rainbow Reiki is definitely valuable for a practitioner. It is a continuous learning process by means of experimentation and practice, with the intention of evolving our life.

The Three Principles of Rainbow Reiki are based upon the integration and practice of Love, Consciousness and Self-Responsibility in our lives. When Love, Consciousness and Self-Responsibility are practiced, we begin to live our lives through the eyes of love. Fear is the opposite of love. Love comes from the Creator. When we understand how to take responsibility for our lives in a healthy, loving way, we begin to manage our lives in a healthy, loving way. Being conscious of this understanding creates the ability for us to enjoy our lives. When you combine these Principles and integrate them into your life, spiritual vision is the result. When your own unique individuality is expressed in the world through these Principles, the result is beauty, good and wisdom--your life will affect the community of all beings in the best, most effective way possible.

Rainbow Reiki was developed in the late 80s by Walter Lubeck. Walter established the Reiki-Do Institute, located in Germany, to do research on Reiki resulting in effective healing methods based on the true Traditional Usui Reiki and to train students as Rainbow Reiki Practitioners and Masters throughout the world.


This course includes the traditional 1st degree of Usui Reiki with the four initiations, Reiki History, the Reiki principles of Dr. Mikao Usui, Systematic Chakra healing, intuitive healing with Rainbow Reiki, special positions for different ailments, Cleansing the Aura, Rainbow Reiki Whole Body Treatment including Rainbow Reiki Hand Positions, Chakra Balancing, Rainbow Reiki Dancing Hands Technique, Rainbow Reiki Power Ball, Rainbow Reiki Aura Massage with the Inner Childs help, Rainbow Reiki Meditation, initiation to a Rainbow Reiki symbol that de-blocks chakras and strengthens the energy body, Homeopathic Touch, three Rainbow Reiki healing mantras, how to treat babies, animals and plants, and making Rainbow Reiki Water and Healing oils.

This course includes initiation into the three traditional 2nd degree Usui Reiki symbols and their mantras plus initiation into two Rainbow Reiki symbols for 3rd eye activation and to strengthen the 3rd chakra, the meanings of the symbols, Rainbow Reiki Shower, Distant Healing with Reiki for yourself and others, Rainbow Reiki Distant Healing for Groups, harmonizing problems in groups of people, Distant Reiki treatments to the past and future, Mental healing, Rainbow Reiki Karma Clearing, explanation of the inner child, middle self and higher self and healing and personal development work with the Higher Self and Inner child, Rainbow Reiki Feng Shui room cleansing, practice using the Rainbow Reiki symbols in Reiki treatments, and programming of crystals with Rainbow Reiki. There are no pre-requisites for Rainbow Reiki First Degree; Rainbow Reiki First Degree is the pre-requisite for Rainbow Reiki Second Degree. This course is for people who have never taken Reiki as well as those with years of experience. Rainbow Reiki combines traditional Usui Reiki with additional symbols and knowledge. Rainbow Reiki is a spiritual way developed in the 1980s by Walter Lubeck from his experiences with a shaman from the South Pacific and his guru in India.

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