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Wicca 101

Wicca 101

Course Content Duration: 5 months

  • What is wicca

  • What is magick

  • Psychic Protection

  • Deity Divine & you

  • Inner self & you

  • The Wiccan altar

  • Wiccan Tools

  • Magical Circle

  • Invoking Dieties & Gods

  • Wiccan Rituals attire

  • Symbology : omens & talismans

  • Energy work : healing & Magick

  • Magical herbs, oils & incenses

  • Stones & crystals

  • Spell casting / candle magick

  • Tarot Reading, Runes Reading, Pendulum Dowsing

  • Channelling & mediumship with tools

  • Dedication rite/ ritual

  • Initiation into Wicca

Anyone interested in the divine arts and occult cannot be enrolled as a student of Wicca India. Based on the Gurukul system, prospective students are mindfully analysed for their interest in Paganism, Magick and Occultism before being accepted as a mentee of Dr Kotiya, who is the high priestess of Wicca India. Once accepted, students traverse through various levels of study and practise to fully comprehend the nuances of the craft and effectively execute the rituals and traditions.

Interested persons may contact Wicca India Founder/Mentor Dr Madhu Kotiya to find out if they qualify to be student of Wicca India: School of Magick & Occult Sciences. The courses are available online via video conferencing as well.

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