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What our Founder has to say?

Dr. Madhu Kotiya

Initiated into the craft at the age of 16 in the USA, Wicca India founder & mentor Dr Madhu Kotiya has been following the mystical path of Wicca for decades. With her natural inclination towards spirituality and psychic abilities, Dr Kotiya is one of the most accomplished and learned proponent of the occult in India. As a clairvoyant, she also qualifies as an effective medium to address paranormal issues. Over the years, she has intensely worked on negative entity removal and cleansing spaces of external energies. Her extensive knowledge of white magick, energy healing, and angel therapy has helped numerous members of the society who have seeked her assistance.

As the high priestess of Wicca India, Dr Kotiya aims to to make occultism reachable and understandable to anyone and everyone in the country. However, initiation into Wicca is a mindful process. After careful consideration of their interest in Paganism, Magick, and the Occult Sciences, prospective students are accepted into a gurukul system of teacher-student relationship. Dr Kotiya, as a mentor, guides her students every step of the way to ensure optimal understanding of the practice. Having left a lucrative career in engineering behind, she has entirely devoted herself to the recognition and development of Occultism in India.

A registered medical practitioner, Dr Kotiya’s impressive qualifications include a Phd in Alternative medicine and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is also a qualified pranic Psychotherapist, Angel Therapist, and Past Life Regression Therapist. As a renowned Tarot Mentor, Energy Vastu Expert, Numerologist, and a Spiritual and Psychic Healer, she has also founded MShezaim Institute of Tarot and Divination, and excels in energy healing services like Pranic Healing, Reiki, Angelic Healings, Crystal Healings, Candle Flame Healing, and Ancient Craft Healings. Dr Kotiya’s institutions have helped several students gain impressive knowledge and benefits from the practice of divine arts, magick and occultism.

Owing to her passions and creative approach to life, Dr Kotiya’s latest venture is a step into fashion and style, with the launch of her clothing label “Shezaim by Madhu Kotiya & Ish Kaur”.

Wicca India also offers spell casting services to assist various requirements such as job success, relationship, emotional well-being etc. Dr. Madhu Kotiya is also available for consultations with prior appointment.

To find out if you qualify to be a student of Wicca India or for other enquires, contact [email protected] / +91 99 1008 3331

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